Mountain Tea belongs to the family Lamiaceae of the genus Sideritis. Species of Sideritis (Athoa – Clandestina -Raeseri – Scardici – Euboea – Syriaca), widely known throughout Greece as Mountain Tea, are a herbal medicine with many properties.

From Hippocrates, who recommended it as a tonic because of its high levels of iron, through Dioskouridis who considered it as strong protection against the common cold, up to today when we know about its beneficial effects on hypertension, oxidants and thrombosis due to its rich content of flavenoids which protect the circulation and the cardiac system, Mountain Tea has remained the most popular Greek herb.

The classic Greek mountain tea, which was found in every Greek home in the past, and was the first herbal remedy prepared to fight the common cold, has gradually gained scientific recognition among beverages beneficial to the constitution (body).

Laboratory research into the beneficial effects of mountain tea have already been carried out by the Universities of Patras and Ioannina, while the University of Athens has found that extracts of Sideritis euboea and Sideritis clandestina can help prevent osteoporosis by protecting against loss of bone density and strengthening the bones. Further studies in Germany have stated that mountain tea may offer protection against Alzheimer’s disease.

Mountain tea, in contrast to other teas, is not a stimulant and can be drunk in the evening before bed. Trust in the herbs which have traditionally been used here for years and you will not regret it. Mountain tea is waiting to be discovered!

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